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The Riders Hands Quote

Bits for Hard to Stop Horses

If you have ended up here because you are looking for product reviews on bits for hard to stop horses or an article on what bigger bit you need to be able to stop your horse you will be sadly disappointed. We have all probably heard people say “that horse has a hard mouth”, “it […]

Race Horse Wastage

Four Corners Investigation “Off Track” – Race Horse Wastage

Horse racing news is often times high profile and glamorous, with the racing industry loathe to expose it’s shadier underbelly. The Four Corners investigation “Off Track”, which screened earlier this week (July 2018) on Australian TV, went some way to informing the general public about the not so glamorous side of horse racing, but in […]

Are horses unpredictable?

Are horses unpredictable?

Are horses unpredictable? And does that make them dangerous? This can be a controversial subject amongst horse owners and riders and there seems to be two opposing views on it. Let’s take a look and make up our own minds. As a horse owner you will often have non-horse people ask you these questions. Maybe […]