Bucas Travel Boots – Product Review

Bucas 2000 Travel Boots

I wanted my first review to be a product I absolutely love and wish to share, so here are the Bucas Travel Boots.
I have the Bucas 2000 boots but I would be confident to say you will love any of the range of Bucas Boots.

Why I use travel boots?

I know you will see plenty of people unload their horses from floats and trucks without boots on, to me it is a no-brainer that you would protect your horses’ legs when they are in a confined space, cornering and travelling at speed.

I am an overly careful driver when I have my pride and joy travelling in the float behind me, and driving a float is another article I will write soon, but accidents happen and even though I crawl around corners and only do 90km/hr on the open road if for some reason my horse needs to regain balance I don’t want him treading on himself. Likewise it’s a good idea to protect knees and hocks from accidental bumps.

Often if you have your horse in the float or truck you are travelling to a clinic or event and you want your horse to get there safely and in tip-top shape so why not throw a set of boots on just to be sure!

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent Construction – the outer shell is very tough, my horses haven’t torn them or even taken a nick out of the nylon fabric.
  • Great Coverage – I must say I was a little surprised when they first arrived, they are huge! The front boots come way over the knee and the hinds cover the hocks by a good 3 inches. They contour well around the horses’ legs and cover right down past the pastern providing good coverage in case your horse treads on himself.
  • Easy wash – I just wipe the outside of mine with a damp soapy cloth, not after every use although I should; and I brush the hair and dirt off the inside. I do keep them in the bag they came in between uses as my stables and tack room can get a tad dusty.
  • Wide tabs – with 4 tabs on the front and 5 on the back these boots do not move in transit. There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination to find one or more boots laying on the floor and not doing the job you paid for. My only complaint after 4 years of fairly constant use is one of the velcro tabs on the hind boot doesn’t stick as well as it use to.
  • Horses love them – both my boys do lift their hind legs a little higher when the boots are first put on but these days they are so use to them it only takes a few steps and they are not bothered by them at all. The boots do stay dry against the skin in all but the hottest weather.
    I had to travel Jon in extreme heat about a month back (39 degree Celsius) and this was the only time he had floated without the boots. I didn’t want to take the chance of cooking his tendons over a 7 hour journey, but I worried the whole way about the lack of protection.

What does the company say?

The Bucas 2000 Boots are made of tough outer nylon fabric and a Stay-dry inner lining. Cushioned padding so they will fully contour to the horse’s leg. Four straps on the front boot and five on the rear boot. Elasticated top strap on hind boot for a secure fit.

The unique front boots close differently to normal traditional travel boots. The straps fasten forward, this means the boots close across the tendons leaving the back of the knee open, for ease of movement but covering the front of the knee to protect the joint from any bangs or injury while wearing the boot.

The Stay-dry lining helps to dry wet legs faster so by the time you finish your journey home and remove the travel boots your horse’s legs will be dry and comfortable!

My final verdict

I have had these boots for 4 years now, they have protected both my horses’ legs while travelling, and to be honest I don’t even go 10 minutes up the road without putting them on.

I have the full size, both my horses are 16hh, maybe Jon Boy is a little over (we’ve never had an opportunity to measure him) and the full fits both horses perfectly.

Float accidents can be horrific, even well-travelled horses can become unsettled and damage to legs can easily occur. Personally, I just don’t take the chance.

These boots take all of 1 minute each to put on and I feel it is time well spent to protect my horses’ legs.

The sheepskin lined boots that only cover the cannon bone are all for looks and provide no protection where it counts around the coronet band and pastern, plus over the hocks. Other alternatives are your working boots eg. skin boots. Again these do not have the padding to prevent knocks to legs like the Bucas do. In my opinion, don’t waste your money on these other options.

The Bucas Travel Boots provide serious protection and will last, so you well and truly get your money’s worth.

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Bucas Travel Boots






Ease of Use



  • Superior quality
  • Wide tabs hold boots in place
  • Ultimate protection


  • Can heat up legs in extreme heat
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  • Hi,
    I think your review is very informativ, and interesting for a horse-owner.
    Features & Benefits:
    You describe these horseboots very well. It shows how these boots work and what they can do to protect the horses legs.
    What does the ir website say?
    Well, a website describes the product of the item they want to sell alway is a possitiv way. Therefore I don’t think that a potential buyer, reading a review, wants to knowwhat the websitesays.
    My take of them:
    Apparently you are very satisfied with these boots, and this is what counts.

    • Heidi says:

      Thanks Hellmut, honestly these boots are the bomb, probably one of the best horse gear buys I have made, and believe me I’ve spent a penny or two on horse gear! I like to include the companies blurb in case I have missed anything and it saves people having to find the company website. Thanks again, most appreciated.

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