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Know The Signs: Heat Stress in Horses

​We are smack bang in the middle of an Australian summer here and to quote the late great Robin Williams  “It’s hot. Damn hot! Real hot! Last week we had 2 days of 38C leading up to one of 46C.For my US friends 38C is 100F and 46C is 114F!  As a responsible horse owner you need […]

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Best Horse Riding Body Protectors of 2019 (equestrian protective vests & safety vests)

Do I need a horse riding body protector? Horse Riding Body Protectors, also known as equestrian protective vests or riding safety vests are a worthwhile investment in your safety, particularly if you are engaged in high impact sports such as cross-country or hunting. They may also be advisable if you are doing groundwork with a […]

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