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Do You Need a Horse Partnership Agreement?

First up what is a horse partnership agreement? Not the sort of agreement you have when you part own a horse with another person, I mean a partnership agreement with your horse. Do you have a partnership agreement with your horse? Does your horse know that he is indeed in a partnership agreement with you? […]

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Horse Problems & Solutions

Do you have a horse with one, or more, of these vices – biting, kicking, invading your space and pushing you over, crowding the gate, not leading calmly? These can be very dangerous problems to have with your horse and they need to be sorted out pronto. Our blog Horse Problems & Solutions will help […]

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Inspirational Horse Quotes & Sayings

For many of us horses are not only our passion they are our lives. I have gathered together 22 of my all-time favourite inspirational horse quotes and sayings. These reflect the way I feel about these magnificent animals we call our friends and soul mates. I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to share […]

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Horse Whisperer Training: Why It’s Rubbish

So you want to be a horse whisperer? You’ve watched the movie and you’ve read all the emotional guff about how gentle and connected you can be with your horse. You’re all excited and you’ve found some online horse whisperer training or even better a real life trainer who promises to teach you these wonderful […]

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