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Know The Signs: Heat Stress in Horses

​We are smack bang in the middle of an Australian summer here and to quote the late great Robin Williams  “It’s hot. Damn hot! Real hot! Last week we had 2 days of 38C leading up to one of 46C.For my US friends 38C is 100F and 46C is 114F!  As a responsible horse owner you need […]

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Horse Care for Beginners

There are a few basic areas you need to have a good understanding of to be able to provide adequate care for your horse. This Horse Care for Beginners article will cover the 4 general areas you need to have a good grasp on if you are the primary carer of a horse. I am […]

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Best treatment for ulcers in horses

In this article we will explore gastric ulcers in horses, also called Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS). We will look at not just the best treatment for ulcers in horses, but we will explain symptoms, causes and future management if your horse has been diagnosed with gastric ulcers, because treatment is really just one phase […]

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Manuka Honey for Horses

Many people swear by Manuka Honey as both a medicinal product and also a general tonic, come pick me up for humans. Let’s explore the why’s and how’s on using Manuka Honey for horses. What is Manuka Honey? Not all honey is created equal. The original Manuka Honey comes from New Zealand where the Manuka […]

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Top 6 Horse Grooming Tips

Grooming your horse regularly should become part of your normal routine. Not only does it promote a healthy, clean coat and skin, but it provides an opportunity to spend non-demanding time with your horse. Horse grooming is not just for those who wish to show their horses. Everyone can and should present their horses to […]

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