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Tuff Rock for horses – Product Review

What is a poultice? Horses are accident-prone. There’s just no getting around it, you think you have accident proofed your yard or you only exercise with boots on. I can guarantee it’s only a matter of time before your horse injures himself in some way. If it’s swelling or heat, an impact injury or cuts […]

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Common Horse Teeth Problem

Dental care for horses starts at an early age and is an area which needs attention for the entire life of your horse. Horses, like humans, have 2 sets of teeth during their lifetime. The initial deciduous teeth, commonly called baby teeth, some of which the foal may be born with and will continue to […]

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Horse Colic – Symptoms & Treatment

A colicking horse is an emergency. I can’t be plainer than that. As a horse owner you need to know what signs to be on the lookout for so you catch colic early. Our Horse Colic – Symptoms & Treatment Guide will help you avoid a potentially deadly incident with your horse. What is Colic? […]

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Horse Hoof Care Information

  Taking care of your horses’ hooves is a crucial part of horse ownership. The saying “No Hoof No Horse” means just that; if you have a hoof problem and your horse is lame, you basically have no horse to do anything with. Below we will provide you with all the horse hoof care information […]

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What is the best worming schedule for horses?

Well let’s be clear right from the start it’s not the best “worming” schedule for horses, it’s the best deworming schedule for horses. You will not be giving your horse worms but rather treating him in case he does have worms. Below we will explain the different types, symptoms you might see in your horse […]

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