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Horse Care for Beginners

There are a few basic areas you need to have a good understanding of to be able to provide adequate care for your horse. This Horse Care for Beginners article will cover the 4 general areas you need to have a good grasp on if you are the primary carer of a horse. I am […]

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Horse Treats – Recipes

We all like to treat our horses now and then. Our Horse Treats – Recipes Blog will give you plenty of choices that are cheap, healthy and homemade. As I come across more horse tested recipes I will add them here, but read on for my favourites at the moment.   These little gems are […]

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What makes a total equine/horse feed?

If you have read Part 1 What to Feed my Horse? Where to Start! you will now be feeding an adequate amount of hay to your horse, but every day you hear people talking about feeding all sorts of different grains or commercial products plus various vitamins, minerals & supplements too. So what makes a total equine/horse […]

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What to feed my horse? Where to Start!

When you purchased or leased your horse the current owner should have told you what they are currently feeding the horse. It is always wise to continue the same feeding type and amount during the transition period and for at least a few weeks after your horse comes home. The transition to a new home […]

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