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How To: Retraining a Racehorse

My apologies for taking so long to get this post finished, I have been having too much fun with the horse and blogging has taken a back seat, but not to worry I am back. Well it was a full-on first 4 weeks for Shaft and myself as we start getting to really know one another […]

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Do You Need a Horse Partnership Agreement?

First up what is a horse partnership agreement? Not the sort of agreement you have when you part own a horse with another person, I mean a partnership agreement with your horse. Do you have a partnership agreement with your horse? Does your horse know that he is indeed in a partnership agreement with you? […]

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Horse Problems & Solutions

Do you have a horse with one, or more, of these vices – biting, kicking, invading your space and pushing you over, crowding the gate, not leading calmly? These can be very dangerous problems to have with your horse and they need to be sorted out pronto. Our blog Horse Problems & Solutions will help […]

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