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Buying Your First Horse Checklist

A very exciting time indeed! You have read our Should I buy a horse article?  and have been taking lessons at a riding school, borrowed a friends horse or been leasing a horse for a while, and the time has come for you to purchase your very own horse. This Buying Your First Horse Checklist will […]

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How to get cheap horse equipment

Other bits and pieces you will want fairly quickly for ground work are things to desensitise your horse with and various obstacles. None of these things need to be expensive, in fact with a little bit of imagination you can get cheap horse equipment everywhere, some even for free. You will remember from my earlier […]

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What is desensitising?

This is the first in our Intelligent Horsemanship Groundwork Series. Aimed at teaching you the basics of moving your horses feet, gaining confidence and control as well as building a solid partnership with your horse. This is a term bandied about in horsemanship circles quite a lot, along with the opposite term “to sensitise” your […]

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Training Equipment for Horses – Groundwork

I am a passionate advocate for doing ground work with your horses. If you are unsure on why you should be doing ground work with your horse check out our article Teach the horse ground manners! Many people for what ever reasons can not ride their horses, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and […]

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Intelligent Horsemanship – The Number 1 Principle

Intelligent Horsemanship is not based on any one practitioner or method, and simply becomes a way of life and the basis for all your interactions with your horse. Depending on what circles you mix in natural horsemanship is getting a bad rap these days, unfounded in my opinion. I’m sure the true fathers of natural […]

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