Horse Treats – Recipes

We all like to treat our horses now and then.

Our Horse Treats – Recipes Blog will give you plenty of choices that are cheap, healthy and homemade.

As I come across more horse tested recipes I will add them here, but read on for my favourites at the moment.


Carrot Cookies - Horse Treats Recipes
These little gems are great for small treats as a reward during training. Please read my word of caution at the end of this blog on hand feeding treats for a more thorough explanation of the do’s and don’t’s of hand feeding treats.
These treats don’t fall apart so they are good for keeping in your pocket, although they do get a little sticky so I usually keep mine in a clip lock bag tucked into my jacket.

They break easily in half which makes them last just that bit longer while your training.

Both my geldings love carrot, but you can substitute apple if that’s what your horse prefers.
I usually get about 20 cookies from this recipe, depending on how large I make them. My dogs also love these, I think it’s the molasses that keeps them coming back for more.


Pappermint Patties - Horse Treats Recipes
This is the easiest no-bake recipe I have come across and perfect if your horse is a peppermint fan.

I remember my childhood riding instructor had a big black mare who absolutely adored peppermints, and my instructor would permanently smell like mint as she always had a few in her pockets.


Apple & bran Muffins - Horse Treats Recipes


I must confess I have not tried this recipe, but as it keeps popping up on Pinterest and gets rave reviews from other horse owners I have included it here. If you give it a try let me know in the comments below if your horses though it was as good as it looks.


Bran Bites - Horse Treats Recipes
This recipe is ideal if your horse is insulin resistant or you just want to cut out the sugary component (molasses is often added in horse treats for flavour).

Or if using the oven just seem too much like hard work, give these super easy treats a go. They take less than 10 minutes to make, then just leave them somewhere out of the way to dry for a day or two.

As I said my guys don’t like fresh apple but there’s something about applesauce they absolutely love.

If your feeling super creative you can use heart shaped or horse shaped cookie cutters. I didn’t have any so I used a small round cookie cutter and this made 25 bran bites.


Pumpkin Patch - Horse Treats Recipes

Getting into the Halloween spirit and want to bring your horse along for the ride?

There is no part of a pumpkin that is toxic to horses so you can cut one up and feed it raw, mine prefer butternut, but try a few varieties and see what your horse likes. If you are feeding it raw remove the stem as it can be a choking hazard, but other than that, skin and all is fine if your horse will eat it.

For those fussier eaters toss together these Pumpkin Patch treats and watch them disappear.

A Word on Hand Feeding Treats

There are many articles about the dangers of hand feeding treats, or worse still some blatantly say this is a poor reflection of your horsemanship skills if you need to resort to bribing your horse with treats.

Bribery does not, and will never, work with horses. But there is a distinct difference between bribery and rewards. And it is quite simple.

  • Bribery is given to coax the horse into doing what you want. Think trying to lure your horse into the horse float with a treat or a bucket of oats.
  • Reward is given AFTER the horse does what you ask.

A left brain food motivated horse will give you the world for a tasty treat given as a reward for a job well done. If you try to bribe him he will simply take your treat and then push you around for the next one.

A word of caution though for all horses – you must maintain your leadership at all times. Horses should not be allowed to become pushy or dominant when food rewards are on offer. You must correct this behaviour immediately and only reward your horse when they are calm and waiting patiently for their treat.

Undesirable behaviour includes putting ears back or frisking your pockets for treats. While having your horse nuzzling your pockets may seem like a sweet and innocent act I can guarantee you that if left unchecked it is only a matter of time before your horse nips or full on bites you to release the treats he is sure you have.

Do not allow this behaviour at anytime. If you don’t feel you can maintain your leadership then don’t hand feed your horse, simply put the treat in his feed bucket and let him find it himself.

With so many healthy, homemade treat recipes on the internet why not spend an hour or two baking your horse something delicious this weekend? If you don’t see anything here you think your horse would like check out the Savvy Horsewoman website for a heap more.

And as always if you try out any of the recipes on the Horse Treats – Recipes Blog leave us a comment below, so our other readers know what you though, or any suggestions for added extras, and more importantly what your horse though of them too.

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