How To: Retraining a Racehorse

My apologies for taking so long to get this post finished, I have been having too much fun with the horse and blogging has taken a back seat, but not to worry I am back. Well it was a full-on first 4 weeks for Shaft and myself as we start getting to really know one another […]

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Know The Signs: Heat Stress in Horses

​We are smack bang in the middle of an Australian summer here and to quote the late great Robin Williams  “It’s hot. Damn hot! Real hot! Last week we had 2 days of 38C leading up to one of 46C.For my US friends 38C is 100F and 46C is 114F!  As a responsible horse owner you need […]

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Best Horse Riding Body Protectors of 2019 (equestrian protective vests & safety vests)

Do I need a horse riding body protector? Horse Riding Body Protectors, also known as equestrian protective vests or riding safety vests are a worthwhile investment in your safety, particularly if you are engaged in high impact sports such as cross-country or hunting. They may also be advisable if you are doing groundwork with a […]

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Best Horse Riding Helmets of 2019

I’m guessing if you’ve found yourself on this page it’s because you are already a helmet convert and wouldn’t dream of sitting on your horse without one. In this blog we review the best horse riding helmets on the market today and come up with our top 6 picks for 2019. Just in case you […]

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