Tuff Rock for horses – Product Review

What is a poultice?

Horses are accident-prone. There’s just no getting around it, you think you have accident proofed your yard or you only TuffRockexercise with boots on. I can guarantee it’s only a matter of time before your horse injures himself in some way. If it’s swelling or heat, an impact injury or cuts and abrasion you will want to put something on it to aid healing.

A poultice is simply any moist mass of material which is applied to an area, on horses it is usually the leg or hoof. A poultice can be either cooling or warming depending on the type of ingredients and the application.Tuff Rock is a cooling poultice so that’s what we will be discussing today.

Traditionally cooling poultices have been bran mixed with various herbs and water which then requires bandaging over the top to keep it in place. There are plenty of all natural do it yourself remedies for making poultices available online.

My only problem with those are when you need it, you usually need it immediately, and you don’t want to have to go and get all the ingredients and actually make the stuff.

If you would like to make your own cold therapy poultice though its quite simple. Grate and retaining the juice of either cabbage, carrot, aloe vera or potato (or I suppose you could use a combo of any of these vegetables) and then mix it all together with enough bran and warm water to form a sticky mass.

But if you don’t want to go to that bother read on and I’ll explain why you might want to try Tuff Rock for horses instead.

What does it do & how do you use it?

Tuff Rock is a volcanic mud of sorts. Technically it is energized molecular reinforced hydrated alumino-silicates – that’s volcanic mud to you and I.

It is 100% natural with no added fillers or nasties so you are only paying for the good stuff.

On application it cools the area very quickly providing instant relief for your horse as it removes heat from the area. It also penetrates, so quite deep injuries can be treated even though this is a topical application.

You simply apply a quite thick covering to the injured area, the manufacturers suggest 5 – 7mm thickness, and also extend the coverage outside the immediate injury by approx. 5cm.

In the container the product is just like a dense clay type mud, it’s brown and quite thick and damp. It is very easy to apply, you simply get a good handful and smear it on in the direction of hair growth ensuring it is sticking to the hair.

You need to keep the container sealed properly or the product dries out. Don’t panic though if you open the container after some time and it is dry you simply add water and mix until it is back to its thick clay like consistency. No harm done.

The company says the mud will indicate the rate of injury recovery over a 45-minute period as the poultice remains damp longer on injured areas, but non-injured areas dry normally. I personally haven’t noticed this. The mud seems to dry at an even rate all over in my experience.


  • Fast relief of pain in acute injures such as muscle tears, ligament or tendon strains. Relief is achieved through cooling High Impact Sportsthe area quickly
  • Can be used daily on long term injuries such as wind galls, rain scald, greasy heel or sacroiliac injuries
  • Can be applied over open wounds or post surgery to aid healing, prevents proud flesh and keeps flies off
    I use this all the time for any little nicks or scrapes. They heal so much faster and I don’t need to worry about applying any additional fly control to the area
  • Relieves itching and swelling from insect bites, needle sites or allergic reactions
  • Can be used as a preventative – if your horse requires leg support for high energy or high impact sports eg. racing, endurance, showjumping, apply prior to activity
    Bandages or boots can be applied over the top if required, I will often still use reining boots over the top of the Tuff Rock if it’s going to be a particularly high energy day
  • Float support – also great for long distance floating to prevent leg swelling
  • Quick response in areas of swelling – excellent on any area of swelling, including haematomas
  • Super easy to apply, simply wipe over the area and the product sticks to hair
  • Just as easy to remove simply hose off
  • No need to bandage over the top, product stays in place

What does the company say?

In early 2006 TuffRock Pty introduced Tuff Rock Poultice to it’s growing range of animal products. Tuff Rock Poultice, the world’s first energized volcanic poultice which has been described by people in racing & equestrian across three continents as the best product they have seen in their lifetime.

TuffRock Pty applies its proprietary technology to all-natural ingredients in its products and takes pride in being a nutraceutical manufacturer.

There are no drugs, chemicals, biotics, enzymes or heavy metals used in our products, making them unique in delivering effective results without the risk of animals developing resistance against them.

This quick video from TuffRock Pty gives a great explanation of the product and also a demo on applying it.

My final verdict

This product is the best thing since sliced bread. I only use Tuff Rock for my horses and I have gone through kilos of the stuff since I was introduced to it a few years ago.

Only a few weekends ago Jonny had a swollen knee just before a clinic. I applied the Tuff Rock on Friday night and by Saturday morning when I went to saddle up the swelling was completely gone and he had no lameness or shortened stride at all.

If you need a few days worth of treatment you can either wash off the dried mud or simply re-apply the product over the top as the mud flakes off. I have found one application will last about 2 days before needing re-application.

Tuff Rock for horses was quite hard to get a few years back, they seemed to go through a time when production was limited. Having said that it seems to go in waves and I have had no trouble lately so I’m assuming they have that under control.

This product is not expensive, does exactly what it promises and goes a long way. So if you have a horse you need to keep this little bucket in your tack room or first aid kit.

We have found Tuff Rock at a fantastic price, click on the link below if you would like to get your hands on the best poultice available on the market today.


Tuff Rock Poultice

$20.00 plus postage





Ease of Use



  • Does exactly what is says
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Reputable company


  • Has been hard to get stock
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Horses are my passion. And while not everything in horses is black and white, and there are many choices you will need to make for your horse, I hope to explain things in a way that helps you make informed decisions, so you can provide the very best life to your horse.

  • Matthew says:

    Great review. I haven’t ridden in a number of years, Back in the day we would just made our own poultice. But you’re right. It can be time consuming to make it when you would rather just be using it and getting back to training! I’m glad you included the video which really does clinch the deal in my mind.

    • Heidi says:

      Hi Matthew oh gosh yes the amount I use Tuff Rock I’d be forever running down the shops to buy produce to make poultices. Back when we didn’t have too many options I think the homemade ones were better than nothing but compared to what is available now its chalk and cheese.

  • Linda says:

    Hi Heidi,
    Tuff Rock Poultice is not a product I’ve ever come across before. But I’m excited to find this review because it definitely sounds like something I want to try. I have an aging horse who’s 31 this year. Overall, he’s in very good health, but we’ve been having problems with rub wounds. He lies down and then struggles a bit to get back up. I use bed sore boots and try to keep him bandaged but he still manages to open the sores back up more than I like. This product may help so I really appreciate the info!

    • Heidi says:

      Hi Linda, definitely give this a try I think it will help your horse a lot with pressure sores.

      I used it on a bite on my gelding the other afternoon, quite a nasty bite actually with an open wound, it was swollen, red and weeping. By the morning the swelling had gone down and you could see it was starting to heal, and all the weeping had stopped.

      If you give it a try I’d be interested to hear what you think. Always looking for genuine feedback on products and how people use them.  

  • Excellent review. I was sold before I watched the video, but actually seeing how easy it was to apply and how nicely the wound had healed after Tuff Rock–I was really sold! I will recommend this to my horse friend!

    The list under “Benefits” heading is very effective. I also liked your graph at the end for rating the product–very easy to understand.

    I will be back to your site for more tips and information!

    • Heidi Yates says:

      Thanks for the feedback Kathleen, glad you enjoyed the review.
      It really is great stuff, and has got me out of a bind on quite a few occasions.
      The smaller tubs are great for when you travel too, just in case the unexpected happens!
      Thanks again for your comment.

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